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Hole io

Hole.io is a very fun game with various maps where you can play it easily on your mobile devices or browsers. The game has a similar logic with Agar.io and it offers 3D graphics on a certain background. The goal is to create the largest hole in the game. All of the objects located on the map can be swallowed to enlarge the hole. While you can only swallow the lampposts at the beginning, you can even swallow the buildings to enlarge your hole as you progress. Your score will increase as you keep growing by swallowing objects and this will help you to rank higher on the ranking. Hole.io is an online game. Some versions of the game are single-player games where you play against bots. You can customize the hole's look, username and other features from the homepage of the game. After that, your competition will begin by being placed on one of the servers.

How to Play Hole.io?

Absorb everyone into your black hole in the new game - hole io

Every player is positioned on the different parts of the map. It will be logical to move through the areas which are abundant in smaller objects since your goal is to get larger as soon as possible. Parking lots, posts and vehicles on the road are ideal objects to get larger. Then you should focus on buildings once you reach a certain size by swallowing the smaller objects. You can control the movements of the hole with the help of your mouse. Since larger holes can swallow the smaller holes, you should avoid from larger holes to keep playing.

Hole.io can be easily played from both desktop and mobile devices. You may need to download hole.io apk file for Android versions. It will be better to search for "hole.io download" on the official store for the iOS devices. Desktop and mobile devices play on the same servers. You can play Hole.io online on crowded servers. Despite the game was released about a year ago, it is still popular among many players. This is mainly because players playing the multiplayer option are royal.